Frequently Asked Questions

What is CrackyBoo Repair foot treatment?

It is a soothing treatment consisting of emollients to help repair and revive dry feet. Formulated in a way to allow continual delivery of oils on contact with skin, this uniquely designed matrix-insole sits within a neatly fitted sock that can be worn comfortably anywhere and at anytime.

How does CrackyBoo Repair foot treatment compare to other similar products in the market?

CrackyBoo Repair foot treatment does not use any exfoliation or chemicals that can be harsh and lead to peeling of skin but rather just natural oils and emollients are incorporated which are known to be gentler thus providing soothing and warming effects that can be felt and enjoyed immediately. Additionally, the sock's unique design offers a fitted and easy to slip-on fabric that is soft on the skin.

Is CrackyBoo Repair foot treatment suitable for me?

CrackyBoo natural formulations contain gentle ingredients that are generally known to be safe for everyone.

We endeavour to list every single ingredient or additive on our packaging so you can make an informed decision prior to using any of our products.

If you have any known skin allergies or are allergic to bee products, please do not use CrackyBoo formulations as we cannot guarantee that you will not have a serious anaphylactic reaction.

To our knowledge there is no risk associated with using any of our formulations during pregnancy or by people with diabetes or psoriasis. However, please seek the advice of a medical practitioner, dermatologist or obstetrician if you have any concerns regarding your particular circumstances.

What would be the best way to use CrackyBoo Repair foot treatment?

CrackyBoo Repair foot treatment works great when used after washing feet with plain water and patting them dry.

Slip-on sock over entire foot and repeat for the other foot.

It may be worn for 30 minutes or for as long as desired.

It is ideal to use treatment socks as stand alone or after dry skin removal.

Do not walk around with oily feet as it may cause you to slip or fall.

CrackyBoo treatment socks are disposable and are for single use only.

How often can I use CrackyBoo Repair foot treatment?

Use CrackyBoo Repair foot treatment as often as you like. We recommend using it once a week to keep feet smooth and soft.

If you enjoy pampering your feet, you can use CrackyBoo foot butter for maintenance in between your weekly sock treatments.

What precautions should be taken when using CrackyBoo products?

CrackyBoo products contain bee related ingredients that are mixed with other botanicals. If you have any known skin allergies or are allergic to bees and their products, please do not use CrackyBoo formulations as we cannot guarantee that you will not have a severe reaction like anaphylaxis.

CrackyBoo provides intensive therapy that is based on natural oils and it is expected that the skin will be coated in oil during and after treatment. We advice that you do not walk around when feet or floor are oily because it may cause you to slip and fall. Please wipe off excess oil and ensure area is safe to walk on after your treatment.

Where are CrackyBoo products made?

All CrackyBoo Natural Formulations are compounded in Australia. The active ingredients are sourced locally from registered Australian businesses and their quality is guaranteed. The bee products utilised in CrackyBoo formulas like beeswax and honey are sourced from state registered Bee keepers that are licensed to keep hives in a strictly regulated environment.

Are there any disclaimers?

We are committed to providing accurate information however this information is not intended to replace a professional or medical advice or your judgment call based on your own knowledge and experience.

Where can I buy CrackyBoo products?

CrackyBoo is only available here through our online store.